Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspiration post!

Hey there! I just wanted to drop by and say hi , and leave you with an inspiration post!

Lately, I've been inspired by Indian culture. I love the traditions, the religious backrounds, the clothing, the style, the food! Everything! It's so inspiring to me that I wanted to share it with you! I've always though that women of Indian descent are some of the most beautiful people I've ever seen! So, I'll leave you with some pictures. Enjoy!

Look at that beautiful bridal henna! It's so breathtaking! I'm so going to do this when I get married! Haha. :) Isn't it just amazing?

Take care everyone!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

oracle reading.

Hello all! Just wanted to stop by and share my Oracle reading from this morning.

The two cards to the right flung out at me while I was shuffling! And I had a good grip on those cards, haha! Guess I really needed to get the message. This reading has been the most accurate I've had in a while. Every single card I pulled, I felt totally connected to. This is just what I've been hoping for in my life recently.- creativity, protection, cleansing and embracing myself. I feel a blockage in all of those areas and doing this reading made me feel so much better!

Hope you're all having an awesome day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cleansing plans.

Time for a good cleanse.

After work, going home and saging my entire house. Going to take everything off my altar, sage it, and re-decorate. I'm going to take the altra cloth off, hang it in the wind, and sage it.

After all the cleansing, I'm going to sage myself and take a crystal bath and meditate. Imagining all the negativity that's being going on in my life just wash down the drain.

Then, I'm going to sit by my altar and meditate. Just for a little while. Maybe work on some breathing exercises. I haven't done any meditation, or oracle readings, or spend anytime alone working on my Craft in a really long time. I've spent alot of time connecting with nature, but not to the extent that makes me happy enough. I need more, I want more.

I'm going to get all of my altar items and put them out under the new moon (which thankfully is in Cancer- my moon sign) and do a fresh start ritual. I'm going to be making some important promises to myself. I'm ready. Usually I plan a ritual or meditation or reading for myself and either I get sidetracked or forget about it, but I feel all of this pent up energy inside of me that needs to be released.

I'm going to dedicate this weekend, upcoming holiday and new moon entirely to myself and my Craft. I need to spend alot of time alone. I'm so excited! I've been needing a time like this for so long, and it's the perfect time for me. I can't wait to start allowing good fortune to come into my life.

In other news, my supervisor told me she put in a word to my boss how great I've been working. She's really impressed with my recent work and how much I've been helping every one else out. I hope it gets somewhere to where I can make more money. This is such the perfect time to be cleansing myself and my life of all this negative energy.

I guess that's all for now. Thanks to anyone if they're reading this. :D

Thursday, July 21, 2011

some life changes and goal ahead....

A few days ago, I had this amazing dream. My boyfriend and two friends of mine were traveling around Europe for vacation, just seeing all of the hotspots around different countries. We had a personal tour guide/assistant type person following us around, helping us learn the languages and spotting different sites to visit, ect. We were having so much fun, that we all decided to live there. We flew back home, packed up our things, and got an apartment in London. I felt so happy and free in my dream, and when I woke up I made the decision that I was going to save up some money for a trip to Europe. It'll take me a while, maybe a few years to conclude what countries I would want to visit, what I can afford, things like that. But I'm going to make it happen! I really want to find the happiness and freedom that I felt in my dream. I felt like my life was complete. My dream made me realize what I'm missing in my life, and that's to plan my life out better for the future to help my happiness grow rather than worry about day by day things.

I've already made a list of goals I want to accomplish, and I never do that. I always have these goals in my head that seem unrealistic, but now I've come to the realization that they're not. If I work hard enough, and have enough dedication and faith in myself that I can do it, it'll happen. Sure, it might not be the biggest list in the world, but these few things would mean so much to me if I could accomplish them within the next year or so.
1. Plan a trip to Europe.
2. Take karate.
3. Take a yoga class.
4. Rent an apartment.
5. Take more trips to the beach.

Yeah, I know, only five goals? Whatever. I can get things accomplished when the lists are smaller, haha. But I really want to do these things. I'm going to give myself daily reminders of what I could have in the future. I feel like I'm just stuck in a boring, dull life and I need to change that. I want to incorporate my spirituality into my life goals. I'm sort of stuck spiritually and I think I need that extra push into going further into my practice. Change some things up, have some new experiences, maybe discover things about myself I didn't know before. I need to start making myself happy, and stop worrying so much. I want to start living life happily and less stressful. I want to start taking every day things and making the best out of them. I'm definitely going to try my best, that's all I can do. There's a yoga studio in the next town over from me that I'm going to call today for pricing, and two karate classes I'm going to call as well. I'm ready for it! I've been into karate and martial arts for a long time, and I even took a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) class when I was a kid for a little while, but I'm ready to be dedicated. I think half of it might be my Mortal Kombat ninja obsession? Haha. ;-)

Also, if anyone reads my blog, let me know! I'd love to hear responses from whoever is reading. If anyone is reading that watches my videos, I'm going to do a video on Cardinal sings tonight, I think. I did one on Fixed signs a few days ago. If anyone is interested in other topics or anything, please feel free to ask! I'd love to hear from you guys. :)

Well, I'm signing off for now. See ya!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More and more change?

I need some more change!

Getting a cut and color...thinking about something like this?


Getting super giddy about it that's for sure! Have a great day peeps!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Some changes going on....

Been going through alot the past few weeks, and alot of that wasn't exactly good. Alot of drama has been happening in my life and has been causing me to just be a big ball of negativity, and I don't like that at all. Alot of arguments, alot of disagreements, alot of backstabbing, and alot of time feeling upset and crying.

Yesterday was kind of an explosive day for me. Alot of anger and hurt has built up inside of me, and I just broke down yesterday. I need to make some changes in my life. I need some time away from friends and work and my every day life to just think about things. I need to start having better judgement on myself and other people, and I need to stop letting people walk all over me. I need a break.

I deleted my Facebook. Most of this drama occuring in my life has been through Facebook. While the site is awesome for keeping in touch with old friends, making new ones, and keeping close to the ones you're already close to, it can start alot of problems. And for really unnessesary reasons! Alot of this crap coming into my life is because of Facebook, where people can hide behind a screen and act big and bad to someone (or multiple people), hurt feelings of others, and cause ridiculous arguments. I'm sick of the negativity Facebook brings anymore. People just use it to bitch and complain, and rarely do I see a happy 'update' or 'status' about anything, and when it is, it's usually someone parading around like they're proud they won an argument. It's childish and immature, and I just can't deal with it at this point in my life. Sure, I might come back one day, but I need to give myself a break from it, and realize who my true friends are. I want to know who will go as far as to call me, or text me, or to talk to me in person about things. I don't want to deal with the secrets and the snooping and the lying that Facebook has become these days. People just want to spy on other people and see what they're up to, and make their own made up story about people and spread rumors. This is sort of a test for myself, to see who will stick around in my life without Facebook. Who will really keep in contact with me, yknow?

I feel much better today. I did some retail therapy last night with a good friend of mine and it felt good to just buy some cute clothes for myself. Sometimes a pretty dress or a nice top (or in my case, my favorite Harajuku Lovers perfume!) can make you feel better about yourself. I'm not saying everytime you're upset to go trash your whole bank account, but buying a present or something nice for yourself can lift up your spirits when you feel down. It's good to treat yourself to something.

I still have a twitter account, if anyone wants to follow me there. I'd love some new friends!

Even just one day of getting rid of Facebook makes me feel relieved. No more drama, no more worrying about what I have to say, no more offensive nasty words, no more friending people just because I met them once and they think I'm "cool" (or vise versa) and they end up being not so trustworthy...I'm just done with it for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. It's almost like getting rid of a bad habit, haha! It feels good. And now I can dedicate more time into my blog and my YouTube account instead of getting sucked into the Facebook world and petty bullshit that surrounds it. I'm ready for a change.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random People Who Inspire Me- Part One

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I made an update. I've been a busy bee! I've started a new workout routine, going to join a gym, and overall trying to get into a healthy state! I'm so excited for it!

So, the other day while I was making a song mix to run to, I noticed that I had a certain artist for about half of those songs. It made me start thinking of people who inspire me in my daily life, even if it doesn't really relate to spirituality. This blog is all about ME, anyway, and not just about one section of my life. This certain artist was the band Powerman 5000, and most of the influencing part came from their frontman, Spider One.

Not only does his music and lyrics inspire me, but the way that you can tell he just loves what he's doing. He loves to perform, he loves to create, and he's damn good at it too! He's one of the most talented people I've ever had the opportunity to see live. I saw PM5K back in 2005 and I can honestly say, it was the most FUN show I've ever been too. Even my dad was jumping and hopping around! The energy that Spider puts off is incredible, and very contagious. He's not only involved in the music industry, but in the film-making world as well. He has a new horror TV show coming out at the end of the summer called "Death Valley". I can't wait to see it!

I've been listening to Powerman 5000 since way back in '99 (yes, I was 11 and listening to metal!) and since then, he has inspired me to just rock out with my life, have fun and be original. He is definetly his own person, and I respect that so much. He made music that wasn't popular, and he didn't care who liked it or where it played. Not to mention he's a fellow Virgo like myself! And if anything could possibly be added to his awesome self- he's attractive as hell, and metal king Rob Zombie's little brother. If anyone hasn't heard of them, please check them out! Great music to just dance in your room to, or go out for an intense run!
Favorite song to run to? "Bombshell"! :)
Take care guys, and remember to always be ORIGINAL! Spider's FearNET Horror Blog!

Powerman 50000- "Supernova Goes Pop"

EDIT: OFFICIAL DEATH VALLEY TRAILER was released after I posted this! LOOKS AMAZING! Enjoy!